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So, at last we come to the nitty gritty:- for me, the boring part (who wants to rake up old history when the present is so all-consuming?); for prospective employers, what you're really interested in. The analytically perceptive visitor to this site will no doubt be able to glean a lot about me, whether said or unsaid; my style(s), talents, abilities, even somewhat of my personality and perspectives, are here on public display.
The complete & clinical version of my CV is available for download, under the title "The DDThesis". This features my entire career history as well as more about myself as a person, aimed at better informing the prospective employer about my possible suitability for their organization. For the sake of expedience, featured here is some of it, titled "The DD Kernel"

The DD Kernel


I started out in the corporate world as secretary, personal assistant and office administrator but my restless, artistic and curiosity driven nature kept forcing me along to explore new avenues of self-improvement and growth in the fields of my interest.

So I became one of those self-taught, self-maders, taking various courses and applying these newly learned skills at different times in my life which included fashion design, architectural design and draughting, landscaping and interior decorating, and, for the last 15 or so years, web design and development.

I am a well disciplined self-starter who thrive on the stimulation of varied tasks, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy web building so much, with its combination of mind-bending technicalities like coding and de-bugging, fluid and uncluttered lay-out, sensible content presentation and the creativity of the artwork involved.

I designed and wrote the copy (all of it true!) for the presentation you see displayed under ' Webart Demo's' of WebWorx for my commercial site PCGrafix, so since I am PCGrafix, the features mentioned apply very much to myself.

Appearance, Demeanour & Attributes

  • I am neat and groomed in appearance, and my attire reflects modesty and comfort whilst remaining moderately fashionable and suitably professional
  • To clients and colleagues alike, I present myself in a confident and cordially friendly yet professional manner
  • I am lively and highly intelligent, and express myself passionately yet civilly when underlining my convictions
  • I am Flexible, Innovative and Proactive; a good decision maker
  • I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, both in English & Afrikaans. My vocabulary is extensive and I am able to elucidate given point(s) by clear description and/or metaphorical example. I engage in conversation amiably, intelligently and interestedly, taking care to be an attentive listener. My honest and direct style of communication isn't held back by perceived social roles or expectations
  • In keeping any personal issues under tight wraps, I strive to exude only Positive Energy
  • I shoulder responsibility well, whether as colleague or whether in a tutoring / leadership capacity
  • I am task-oriented, therefore able to concentrate for long periods
  • Because of my independent style and way of thinking, I am often considered to be eccentric

Essence & Conduct

  • Generally I am even-tempered and peace-loving, with a steadied emotional nature.
  • By nature I am extremely adaptable, energetic, active, alert, curious and versatile.
  • I have a cautious, intellectual, analytical and practical mind, and an uncanny ability to sift the wheat from the chaff to determine the essential from the non-essential
  • My judgment / assessment is usually excellent. This position may give my mind a charitable and philanthropic turn.
  • As a rule, I strive to bring trust, respect and honor, and in turn to receive such, in all undertakings.
  • My feelings and emotional well-being are connected with my material resources. This renders me highly ambitious, motivating me to excel in all I may undertake, so as to justify and increase my pecuniary value.

Life Perspectives

  • I am a firm believer of Karma and its effects on one�s life: �as you sow, so shall you reap�. For this reason, and the fact that I�m strongly empathetic, I consciously strive to ensure that any of my actions and words are not harmful to anyone or anything
  • I am soberly balanced in my outlook
  • Along with honesty, integrity and transparency, I value loyalty highly
  • I possess the courage of my convictions and will not compromise my high morality
  • I understand that success is very rarely accidental, but instead is the fruit of dedication, perseverance, tenacity and endurance.

Work Ethics

  • I am punctual, reliable and speedily efficient. I like to go about my tasks in an organised, methodical and meticulous manner, all the while maintaining a brisk pace
  • I am highly dependable and responsible; a diligent self-starter with the ability, and in fact preference for, working independently without constant supervision
  • I am discreet with sensitive information
  • I enjoy, and prefer, stimulating and varied tasks in an informal atmosphere. I like to be busy at all times and fret when idle.
  • When faced with unfamiliar tasks and/or environments, I face them head-on and with confidence. I generally have a short learning-curve because I assimilate and apply knowledge quickly
  • I am a private person and believe in keeping my private life separate from my work environment. I avoid office politics and staff quibbling


For the most part, I am letting this entire site speak for itself in this regard. However, the downloadable (clinical) versions of my CV, do contain such list.
Suffice to say, although my entrepeneurial spirit guided me to leave the corporate world, I am au fait with general office environments and procedures. My adaptable nature and fast learning abilities, would absolutely ensure that I can be brought up to speed with contemporary practices, in no time at all.


Although not tracked and proven in a corporate / substantial business environment, I had opportunity to acquire & hone the following skills during the times when I had my own fashion boutique and landscaping businesses:-

  • Strategic Planning & Streamlined Organisation
  • Leadership & Managerial
  • Tutoring and/or Mentoring
  • Effective Time Management
  • Product Design & Development
  • Production and Quality Control
  • Sales & Promotion
  • Strict Budget & Stock Control
  • Research & Analysis; Objective Factual Reporting:
    I have a nose for news and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge and information. To this end, when spirited into a certain field of interest, I leave no stone unturned to find out all I can about the subject matter; gathering, scrutinising and collating all into logical hierarchies and structures.
    Similarly, my interest in people is equally intense, and my life experiences and innate and learned understanding of the psyche, enables me to make insightful observations and evaluations of behaviour, and/or personality types.

Motivation: Asked & Answered

I realise that any organization regards its own advancement in the market as paramount. When appointing personnel, they make important investments; it is natural that their main consideration would and should be, how such personnel could contribute to the Company�s overall goal. They would therefore need to scrutinise any and all applicants with meticulous precision and unbiased objectivity, so as to ensure that their investments are warranted. I am confident that the sum of my experience and abilities, together with the sensible application thereof, constitute the nucleus of my merit to prospective employers, in the advancement of their own interests. In expectation of such scrutiny, I am able to imagine myself sitting opposite a prospective employer in a live interview, assuming that the following questions may arise:

The versatility of my practical skills have already been clearly listed and demonstrated elsewhere on this site; but my range of meta-physical abilities are equally versatile, not to mention distinctly advantageous, in any workplace: I am highly responsible, self-motivating and obsessively thorough in carrying out my tasks. I give more than what I have been assigned; my helpful nature can be relied upon to lend assistance where and when required. I am also keenly alert and observant; able to quickly grasp underlying currents of a situation, which could spur me into decisive and pro-active engagement, if need be. My innate lack of malice and objective, empathetic concern for the wellbeing of all, ensure that I treat everyone with thoughtfulness and care, albeit delivered in the style of "no-nonsense, unsentimental tough-love".

I am often told that I am my own worst enemy. And when I direct my gaze inward with clinical objectivity, I'd have to agree: I am relentlessly self-critical; self-driven - with a whip, no less - ;), to meet lofty and professional standards, whether of my own making or demanded by clients, superiors, mentors or tutors, and such. Apart from unkindness to myself at times, I'd have to say that being thus ambitious, could altogether not be construed as such a bad thing.

Whew, that's difficult, because I like work, and I like being useful in any field that could utilise my talents and abilities. Off the bat though, I'd have to say, web-development, since that is my current comfort zone. For the most part, I'd say variety is my norm and challenge for ongoing mental stimulation. Any job where routine can become monotonous, is anathema to me. For instance, I like doing research, analysis and report writing, but if my job is such that this is all I ever get to do, I would quickly stagnate into demotivated boredom. Jobs that offer people involvement at a responsible level, eg. managerial, coach/mentor/tutor, together with administration as well as organizing duties, eg. that of a project manager, events organizer or client liaison, are perhaps best suited to my interests and abilities. Should I get to coach or teach people in some form of motivational capacity, I would enjoy that also, since I have by now accumulated a lot of Life Skills, psychological and spiritual insights (nothing to do with any religions,) which I could convey to younger ones so that they'll be prepared to meet Life's challenges with minds that are wide open.

I realize that at this point of my life, resettling in an office environment would be one the hardest challenges I'd have to face; but I'm nothing if not adaptable and self-knowingly realistic: I am a woman; I am a single woman, relying only on myself for my upkeep; I am a middle-aged single woman. So, my need and desire now for stability, can be answered in the following 3 parts:

  • Times are tough, C.O.L.(Cost of Living)and Inflation are in a permanent upward spiral due to global economic depression: in my 1-(wo)man-show in the very competitive field of Website Development, the lucrative procurement of assignments are fast becoming an insurmountable challenge - I'm finding it increasingly difficult to meet even the most basic of my needs, let alone maintaining the monthly householders overheads; not to mention regularly lacking funds for incidentals. Being a single woman, and at my age, I feel the need to secure the financial stability that a position in the Business World would provide.
  • I echo the maxim "one is never to old to learn", or in my case, re-learn. Although I have found the freelancing-life exhiliratingly adventurous for quite some time now, I find my memory achingly returning to my office-roots, albeit to be in a more responsible capacity.
  • The life of a freelancer is a lonely one, and I'm missing out on the people-buzz of office life.

I realise I'm one more hungry little fish in an ocean of many. And I'm not looking for favours, but opportunity/ies of barter: my meritorious appointment in exchange for consistent financial security. I don't want to take the place of any other candidate, especially the young - they have to start somewhere - I wish to be added to them, so I can help to facilitate their growth of knowledge and skills, as I go about my normal duties.

Does my age bother you? Really? But I'm only 50(ish) - plenty more to go. Let me tell you the advantages I bring to your table, at my age:

  • Knowledge
  • Apart from my, by now patently obvious, working knowledge and skills, I also sport eclectic general knowledge, the accumulation of which gets spurred by my insatiable curiosity of the how-what-why-when, and if-but-maybe, of anything at all, to investigate and file away in my well-practised and keen memory banks. In a workplace, I like to familiarise myself with all of the Company's procedural operations and practices, so I tend to become people's "go ask Deidree", if any questions arise. If I don't know the answer, I go looking for it, and deliver it back.
  • Right Attitude
  • �Life is what I make it". This is a truism that I take seriously. The assimilation of knowledge & skills, combined with correct and balanced behaviour, attitudes and life perspectives, together with the effective application of these attributes, are necessary building blocks which contribute towards the successful growth of any business in its market field. If the Company prospers, then I must also: - It is vital for a Company�s prosperity that its staff members behave as a cohesive body, working harmoniously towards Company, each other�s and ultimately own goals. What I make of life within a Company is all my responsibility, and I possess RIGHT ATTITUDE by truckloads full.
  • Worklust
  • Didn't I say somewhere already, "I fret when idle"? This much is true - an idle mind quickly descends into a pit of boredom, lack-lustre & lethargic performance, and demotivation. Better to stay busy, I say. If I don't have work, I make it (I'm very creative in a practical sense). In this way, I contribute toward the overall productivity of a Company, and thus I more than earn my keep.
  • Transcendence
  • To my understanding, this term alludes more to a person's inner growth and life perspectives, rather than the dictionorial description of greatness and supremacy. In this respect, I am glad to report to all and sundry, that I have conquered and slayed all my inner dragons. I have no (negative) baggage: no emotional, spiritual or psychological issues. No personal angst, measuring-up anxieties, professional or other jealousies or vindictiveness, no fragile or inflated ego. What I have now, and offer up gladly for sharing, are parcels of delight: inner peace, self-confidence, self-discipline and self-reliance, equilibrium, balanced perspectives, corrected sense of justice, ability of forgiveness, ability to compromise, humility and gratitude, and insightful understanding & wisdom. Sensibility Wisdom, the kind which, if lived by, can make life satisfying - the King Solomon, Oprah or Dr.Phil kind of wisdom.
    To achieve this grand and gratifying condition, burns time. And young ones have not done this yet, but I could help them, which would effectively produce shortcuts to their learning experience.
  • Refinement
  • I was raised literally "back-in-the-good-old-days". Worldwide, wise and relentless parents with the strong values of being a good person, instilled on my generation, and those before, those very same merits. But we�re the outgoing generations now, a dying breed. I myself am of the youngest of these generations. The wise Employer would do well to appoint me (and others like me), to a position where I could be of benefit to younger generations, who are now deemed guardians of the future.

Should political agenda�s of any government hinder the economical growth within its own borders? I wholeheartedly endorse equality, but include me in these equal measures then. I am confidently hopeful that I could procure employment based solely on economic merit to an organization, which I would contribute towards.

I could find my desk in the middle of a machine-shop floor, surrounded by oil splotches and greasy engine parts, (in which case I'd immediately tidy up and re-organise into well-presented and practical methodologies). Or my desk may be at the topfloor of a highrise which afford breathtaking horizonal vistas. Whichever the case, it is the ambience of a place I take note of: what vibes do the people give off? Are they friendly, helpful - are they teamspirited and charitable, co-working in harmonious equilibrium towards achieving goals? If yes, I'm in; wholeheartedly!

"Live and let live" - that has been my credo from a very young age. Prejudice of any kind, deviousness and dishonesty, self-interest, manipulative control-freaks, ego-maniacs with a god-complex, people with ego's so sensitive, they take offence at the drop of a hat, competitive jealousies, unjustifiable belligerence and mistrust, are all things (and more), which I find close to intolerable. But I also realise that a lot of these conditions have psychological roots of mal-adjustment, or could be put down plainly to as yet, unlearned life skills or lack of transcendence. However, if such behaviour consistently persist, I'd classify that as evil. E.V.I.L. is L.I.V.E. backwards - literally. Both in spelling and in meaning. I TURN MY BACK ON EVIL - I TRANSCEND.

Regardless of gender, I am better managed by a superior who supervises rather than rules, who directs rather than commands, who governs subordinates by guidance, rather than control. A good boss should be entirely non-prejudicial, practise no favouritism, work closely with staff, be mindful of their needs, and observant of their performance, growth and potential. A good boss is patient and compassionate with people. A good boss knows how to keep balance between interests of staff and interests of the Company. A good boss can put own ego aside, benefiting the Company by open-mindedly receiving input or suggestions of improvements from staff members, regardless of who they are or what they do. A good boss will give credit where its due. A good boss abuses neither people, nor power.

Did I leave anything out? Then please do not hesitate to contact me via the the form found on this page.

Addendum: those little Extra's

Geographical Considerations & Relocation

Permanent Employment in South Africa

I am eager to consider offers of permanent employment in Durban and surrounds, including Umhlanga, or Johannesburg and surrounds.
Should I accept employment in Johannesburg / surrounds, I would require a grace period of between 8 and 12 weeks before commencing duties.

Offshore Permanent Employment

  1. I am equally eager to receive offers from interested parties who are located in the U.S.A (e.g. San Diego), or Australia, provided the specific location of workplace in either country, enjoy year round temperate climate, as I am averse to white winters.
  2. Should I accept employment in either country, I should require my Employer to fully sponsor me in accordance with their reigning bureaucratic procedures and laws, the financial costs involved thereof (permits, visas, licences, certificates), as well as temporary financial sponsorship of relocation and settling costs (i.e. a loan)
  3. I would also consider a post as an English Teacher, in countries where English is a foreign tongue (e.g. South East Asia, South America). Should I accept such employment, the conditions as set out above apply.


When extending remuneration offers to candidates of employment, it is only fair and reasonable that the prospective Employer should duly consider terms of the criteria relevant and in pursuance of a comfortable and worry-free lifestyle. These criteria include, but may not be limited to:

  • Cost of living and (escalating) rates of inflation
  • Costs of adequate high standard healthcare and sundry insurances
  • Costs of commuting and/or vehicle maintenance
  • Costs of suitable accommodation commensurate with middle middle- to upper-middle class standards in a neighbourhood of equal standards
  • Any and all applicable taxes, rates and utilities
  • A contingency allowance of at least 10% of the monthly salary
  • A Savings & Investment allowance of at least a third of the monthly salary

It is along these criteria on which I determine my monthly income. My needs (and tastes) are modest and thoroughly lacking in any extravagance.

In South Africa

I require a non-negotiable minimum net monthly income of R18500.


I shall research and duly consider submitted offers, fully detailed and based on all criteria as outlined above.


In South Africa

Should I accept employment in a location that does not require my relocation, i.e along the regions of the Natal South Coast, then I would be able to assume duties at the earliest date required.
Should I need to relocate to Johannesburg, the date of my commencement of duties would depend on the logistical requirements of relocation, expected to be between 8 and 12 weeks.


Uptake of my duties in a country outside of South Africa, would depend entirely on the logistics of emigrating, sourcing suitable accommodation and settling � I would presume that a period of at least 9 months would be required, given that Employer Sponsorship and initiatives ensure my smooth transition.


Seeing as I have been self-employed for a long time now, I lack a list of contactable references with regard to my past formal employment. However, I am well able to provide upon request, testimonials of people who had been clients of my services as Landscaper and/or Webmaster.


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