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Category 1: Illustratative

a few examples of what I do when I'm bored, comprising illustrations in watercolour, pencil, oilpaint; digital illustrations, and photo-editing. I even rendered the artwork for this album to interpret the Script

I've told you some of what I can do, now I'll show you a little

Picture Editing

Facelift-a-la-pict-ed! - no surgery, no expensive potions

My (very rough) example of what can be achieved with pict-ed - so don't go believing just any ad!

An example of morphing:

"PhotoShopping" is a term most of us are familiar with - but "PhotoShop" is merely the brandname of a commercial software package which can be used to render graphical images and effect various filters on photographs and images to achieve special finishes. There are plenty other such softwares, and although I am familiar with the use of "PhotoShop", I tend to prefer using my more user-friendly and trusted old friend, still getting the same results. So instead of referring to graphic editing as "photoshopping", I call it picture editing, or pict-ed for short. In the gallery to the left are a few examples of such pict-eds, and below are a few hints of how I devised them:



Creating commercial identities, starts with the coining of a suitable business name and comprise a range of elements such as logo's, stationery, brochures, labels, illustrations, signage, packaging and often, promotional gifts or giftpacks. To give you an idea of my abilities, here are a few examples:-

Logo's (click on pics to view better)





Labels and packaging


Promotional Gifts

  • For short-term assignments and freelance work, I indicate my rates in the table below. These serve merely as a guideline for the various services I offer, so please contact me with your specific requirements for a full quotation.

  • Should you be interested in offering me full-time employment at your place of business, please see my Resumé page.
  • Job Type

    Estimated Hourly Rate

    SA Rands (R) US Dollars ($)
    Administerial / Ancillaries between 80 & 140 between 55 & 75
    Content / Article writing or website graphics between 140 & 190 upwards from 80
    Web Design & Development between 180 & 250 upwards from 95

    If you're wondering why these rates seem low, it's not because I am cheap or that my work is in any way substandard - rather, it's because (i) I am a reasonable and honest person; (ii) in the SA market, I need to be competitive, and I have virtually no commercial overheads; (iii) for my offshore (international) clients, the currency exchange rates are in your favour, and instead of trying to rip you off (which I could), I adjust quoted rates according to my needs, not greeds


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