This web in its entirety is the fruit of MY brain; aimed at putting bread on MY table. Please don't steal my bread; if you like this site, contact me for a customised template of your own

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"Angling in the vast employment oceans of the world, looking to do a job of work for a bag of money"

Hello and welcome. My name is Deidree. I am a multi-talented multi-tasker who offer various skills to small businesses and entrepreneurs where and when needed. I live and work in South Africa, but with the wonderful techno age we are living in, I accept freelancing projects and/or temporary assignments from anywhere in the world! I am also open to consider offers in an office-environment, and of a permanent nature
I will rise to any challenge, as I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with a job well done. I handle every job, big or small, with meticulous precision and obsessive thoroughness.
Within these pages you will be able to form an idea of how I can be of value to you, both for my services and reasonable rates. For further queries please contact me.

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In the virtual world of the wide web, geographical limitations are non-existent and the scope for doing business is without horizon and prejudice: no longer are Clout & Capital* the only viable criteria for starting up a business. Whether big or small, at some point the Webtrepeneur* is going to need someone to do some administerial grind somewhere in the background. This is where I come in, and below are listed the things I can do for you, remotely.

(* - my own brainfruit)

Webarchitecture & Front-end Development

If I get to make you a website, it will be -

  • Responsive, i.e. device agnostic
  • User-friendly, with pleasing lay-out and logical, custom-designed navigation structures
  • As dynamic and interactive as you require
  • Aesthetically eyecatching, featuring widgets of various kinds, including galleries
  • Your content gets presented in correct English, in an exciting way which compels the site-visitor to explore
Auxilliary Web Services
  • Site installation at server
  • Site maintenance
  • Content management: the sourcing and/or site population of interesting and relevant content: I am great at researching; a supreme article writer
  • In South Africa, I can provide translation services into/from Afrikaans
  • Compilation and site integration of databases
  • Rendering of web-related grafix like logo's, headings, banners, and the like

Graphic Design

  • Branding: the design of your logo; may include any or all of : stationery & labels, packaging, notebooks, diaries, calendars; clothing like t-shirts, hats / caps, scarves, ties, handbags or shopping bags; novelty corp.gifts;  specific print and web identity with destinctive logo and typograpy.
  • Digital rendition of photo-art, greeting cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues
  • Materially rendered, realistic illustrations for informational projects, posters, murals, children's books, romance novels, signage

Ancillary Services

  • Virtual Secretary:  Diary management, logistical appointment scheduling and client liason
  • Document Management:
    • - Transcription from audio dictation and/or written drafts
    • - Proof-reading and editing of documents.  Translation into or from Afrikaans (applicable in South Africa) into or from English.
    • - Courier scheduling for document delivery
    • - Faxing and e-mailing
    • - Compilation and mailing of invoices in requested format
    • - Authoring and mailing/distribution of written communications
  • Content Writing:  I am proficient in writing copy for brochures, advertisements, any document or letter content, articles etc. in any style which you may prefer, be it business/legal, informative or tutorial, technical, serious or witty, or just down-right chattily laid-back
  • Identity Creation:  If you don't have a name for your business, or is dissatisfied with the one you have, let me to come up with something that is guaranteed to be catchy, memorable and appropriate to your line of business

  • For short-term assignments and freelance work, I indicate my rates in the table below. These serve merely as a guideline for the various services I offer, so please contact me with your specific requirements for a full quotation.

  • Should you be interested in offering me full-time employment at your place of business, please see my Resumé page.
  • Job Type

    Estimated Hourly Rate

    SA Rands (R) US Dollars ($)
    Administerial / Ancillaries between 80 & 140 between 55 & 75
    Content / Article writing or website graphics between 140 & 190 upwards from 80
    Web Design & Development between 180 & 250 upwards from 95

    If you're wondering why these rates seem low, it's not because I am cheap or that my work is in any way substandard - rather, it's because (i) I am a reasonable and honest person; (ii) in the SA market, I need to be competitive, and I have virtually no commercial overheads; (iii) for my offshore (international) clients, the currency exchange rates are in your favour, and instead of trying to rip you off (which I could), I adjust quoted rates according to my needs, not greeds


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