This web in its entirety is the fruit of MY brain; aimed at putting bread on MY table. Please don't steal my bread; if you like this site, contact me for a customised template of your own

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Category 4: Website Development

What I love in this particular line of work,animationdemo is the variety of mental challenges which task a lot of my abilities, knowledge and strengths. It is therefore not easy to demonstrate this to my best advantage, which is after all my aim, in my quest to procure employment. Suffice to say, that this site in its entirety, stands as my testimony, since I myself engineered and executed it.

Design Strategies

Planning & Developing

I believe that a site should be user friendly and compel the site visitor to do in-depth exploration. To this end, I design & execute webs along the following criteria:

  • Fast loading time
  • Tried & Tested: all links are live; overall thorough debugging of scripts & cross-browsered.
  • Content which is concise, precise and in perfect English; exhaustively proofread to ensure all i's are dotted and t's crossed
  • Minimum scrolling and easy, logical and obvious navigation
  • I ensure that, in the design of colour and site decor, I render visuals which are attention grabbing without over- or underwhelming the site visitor.  I make sure that your site will reflect your image, whether it being no-fuss, no-frills; boldly flamboyant or somewhere in between.
  • All typographies and texts are clearly legible and hyperlinks are obvious.

Final Bits

Acknowledged with thanks

Dhtml scripts liberally used throughout these pages were obtained free from

Any of the graphics featured on these pages, may be obtained from my commercial site at:pcgrafix.biz



Webgrafix essentially comprise backgrounds to:

  • UI elements such as site-headers, navigational structures & block-content
  • Theme (or skin) design
  • Typography for certain headings, sitenames and/or logo's
  • Advertising banners (and copy), whether animated or still
  • Informational / promotional presentations
  • Illustrations
  • Around here, as well as the rest of this site, I demonstrate my abilities to render any required graphics (although, in most UI elements, I am also able to render these by means of CSS3)

    playful buttons (hover over the flowers)

    Typography (click on pics for enlargement)


    More examples of typography, images and CSS3 rendered elements, are scattered site-wide


    Miscellaneous: buttons, icons, bullets, dividers


    Navigation: menuthemes


    Block backgrounds

    As illustrated below, I can graphically render a variety of backgrounds for any block-content which clients may require. I demonstrate their use in the form of the "Truisms" I personally embrace, and which you'll find scattered all around.

    To the left is another one

    Ad-banners  (.gif images: animated or still)

    An example of CSS3 Animation  (hover over blue text)



    In South Africa, that is. Specifically in province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We build websites and paint pretty pictures

    We have large brains see, so we think a lot

    Our brains are not boxed, but allowed to soar freely with creativity

    which means we're full of bright ideas

    and we think big - in fact we think HUGE


    we think differently, so our work is unique

    we think eyecatching and attention grabbing

    we think dynamically, so we use various effects

    we think interactively, so you can connect with others

    We work hard, without watching the clock

    we are solution orientated and problem solvers

    and we have an eye for detail

    we are here to help you

    and you'll find our prices very reasonable

    on top of which we are not stingy with our gifts

    we are versatile so we can give you what you want

    we can get down to business with our brisk content copy

    or we can entertain you with our witty lines

    we can give you nice, sweet or cute

    we can give you beautiful

    or macabre or bizarre

    we can give you smart sophistication

    or fancy and artsy

    we can also give you funny

    or odd and peculiar

    and even though at times you may find us strange,

    all in all we're a very friendly bunch

    and we always come out tops

    but most importantly of all

    we never forget to have fun!

  • For short-term assignments and freelance work, I indicate my rates in the table below. These serve merely as a guideline for the various services I offer, so please contact me with your specific requirements for a full quotation.

  • Should you be interested in offering me full-time employment at your place of business, please see my Resumé page.
  • Job Type

    Estimated Hourly Rate

    SA Rands (R) US Dollars ($)
    Administerial / Ancillaries between 80 & 140 between 55 & 75
    Content / Article writing or website graphics between 140 & 190 upwards from 80
    Web Design & Development between 180 & 250 upwards from 95

    If you're wondering why these rates seem low, it's not because I am cheap or that my work is in any way substandard - rather, it's because (i) I am a reasonable and honest person; (ii) in the SA market, I need to be competitive, and I have virtually no commercial overheads; (iii) for my offshore (international) clients, the currency exchange rates are in your favour, and instead of trying to rip you off (which I could), I adjust quoted rates according to my needs, not greeds


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