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Category 5: Word Worx

English is my bubblegum, my sweet sticky-toffee, my favourite toy. When writing, I chuck it into the language washing-machine of my mind where I start to experiment; I mull & churn & twist & suck & turn & blow words, phrases, puns, slogans & dictums, conventional spelling and/or understanding around, until I'm satisfied that what comes out, conveys what I mean to in an interesting, innovative, exciting and compelling way, so as not to bore my reader(s) silly.
OK, we can all breathe again!    B.t.w - did you notice how my "Worx" is noun, verb and adjective, all-in-one?

What's still hiding under the bushel then?

"This morning, on this very last day of 2014, I woke up in a playful mood"

If you have come this far, you are no doubt staggered by my talents and abilities, especially and including, my way with words. But wait, There's More!  Let me chuck the bushel and blind you with yet one more thing:  I.can.write.verse.  Yes my sweet and wouldn't you know it, I am indeed a poet!


Silly Verse


how did my bum get to be so sore
that sitting down is now a painful chore
give me relief - i can't take anymore
oh won't someone please take over this paddling oar!

When cows come home

ding ding dell, the farmer has no bell:
the cows they won't come home
and he has no milk for his food
so he just sits down there to brood

Song lyrics  (unfinished)


17/8/2012 - a song

when sadness comes creeping
and anguish starts seeping
into your heart and out of your pores,
and all you can do is wonder
why in hell your life is such a bore.
when you spend your days weeping
and for joy you just never get leaping,

when all of your dreams
just float out of reach
you can't help but wonder
just exactly what it is
that life is trying to teach

and you think to yourself
again and again
there has to be some reason
for life's such deviant treason

when late at night alone in your bed
lonely thoughts go round and round in your head
and despair takes a firm hold

(work in progress)



pretty i was, and appealing;
regarding me would set your senses reeling
used i was to many a lustful glance
when on the floor to rhythmic music
my body i often would prance.

exiting i was to talk to
not shy but always outspoken
never reclusive but always congregating
clever, gregarious and at times quite daring
i loved it all but airfaring.

then you came along to beset me
with your quiet, shy smile to arrest me
agog you were at my sparkle and my youth
humouristic you thought the times i seemed uncouth
astounded i was by your clear and quick mind
your patience and logic to halt my own levity would grind

believed in me you did at first
regardless of any historical dirt
together we set out to make a new life
hand-in-hand we conquered our strife.

a good life you gave me
far better than i knew before
material comforts i came to adore.

the change at first was slow to show:
at work you'd stay, at work you'd play
while in our castle alone i'd sit and i'd pray
that you'd be there to hold and comfort me;
that you would not revoke our destiny.

missed you we did, our daughter and i
our compass, our buttress, our sapient rod;
to cuddle and cherish your masculine bod
'come home' i asked; 'be early' i pleaded;
yet cajole and a pout alike you'd dismiss,
to ignore and forget us were your heavenly bliss.

a shrew at last i became, to nag and harass you,
my new favourite game
and then in your eyes i saw a new light
your scorn and derision had now become my blight

so shut up i did and looked away
to the TV my thoughts glued, my attention astray
and a disease then rose up in me
to squelsh me and rob my identity
there i was, wrapped in self-doubt:
a silent automaton, a slug in my house;
depression had claimed me, my spirit to douse.

then one day i woke and made up my mind:
'i have to go' i cried 'and leave us behind'
and while i was gone to live by the sea
each day you told the florist to send flowers to me.
'can flowers kiss me or spoon me at night?
where had you been, when my loneliness went unseen?'

to start over anew, is what you wanted:
'forgive me' you said, 'nevermore will i take you for granted'.
but when we resumed, your secrets you kept;
to exclude me from your life you became more adept.

shattered my heart, that's what you did
so i crawled into my soul and that's where i hid
'leave me alone!' across to you i pouted;
in front of our daughter, more and more loudly we shouted

at last i can thank you for granting my wish,
a new mate i have now: my satelite dish!
and though i am here now, alone in the world
if all should be told, i have never been more bold!

- Deidree (17/8/2012)

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